100 Reasons to Book Fuse HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical & Plumbing

“Choose us!” so many companies tell you and there’s usually a cause why you listen; or why you don’t.

But we have the reason to say that we are the best company for appliances and HVAC repairing and installation.

Or, more precisely,  100 reasons.

PS And 101 reason:  We have 100 reasons buy our services and zero against.

№  Reason Customer’s benefits
1 SAME DAY SERVICE Your food won’t spoil, you won’t die from overheat, you may cook again today
2 UP to 12 months warranty We will cover our part and labor up to 12 months warranty (seal system), 6 months warranty for part
3 No charge if not satisfied We do full refund if something gone wrong
4 Licensed HVAC Contractor We have a license C20 by California Contractors State License Board. We are resposible what we do.
5 Licensed Appliance Repair Company We responsible for jobs with appliances.
6 EPA certified technicians Environment safe company
7 Paperless company You can talk with us, you can email us, no any papers please
8 We have Youtube-Channel We show you our projects here – Our Youtube-Channel
9 We training our technicians every months with something new Here’s proof – we have Fuse School 
10 We have an Instagram  Our Instagram
11 We have an incredible site Easy for use and find needed information
12 Our prices are knowable Our site show all our prices
13 Our guys are nice If you call us – our technician will be nice and clean
14 We do commercial appliances and HVAC We so experienced
15 Fearless We are fearless against responsibility
16 We are using HouseCall Pro CRM Flexible for us, great for customers
17 We are SuperPRO by Housecall Pro Housecall Pro made an audit of our company so we are SuperPROs
18 We are honest Before you will approve our job for repair, we will make full diagnostics and will give you honest conclusion in what reason breakage
19 We provide 10% discount Save some money just by verbal request
20 We provide 15% discount for regular customers Customer can be sure that next service will cost even less
21 We have 5 star rating on YELP and GOOGLE Customers sure that we people trust us
22 Finance program If you don’t have enough money, we will find the way to help you
23 Respond time on Yelp less than 10 minutes Always in touch with clients
24 Client can easily reach us after hours Always in touch with clients
25 We are not afraid of the hard work Customer can entrust us really difficult project
26 We do not force customers to buy useless services Сustomer saves money
27 We do not force customers to buy useless parts for replacement Сustomer saves money
28 We choose suppliers of parts for replacement with best prices. Сustomer saves money
29 We have a reach variety discounts. Сustomer saves money
30 We don’t repair dead staff, we won’t trick you. Сustomer saves money
31 We repair everything Сustomer saves time
32 We choose suppliers with best quality of parts for replacement . Сustomer saves time
33 We choose suppliers with shortest delivery time of parts for replacement . Сustomer saves time
34 Our technicians work fast. Сustomer saves time
35 We make one-click order possible on our website Сustomer saves time
36 Our technicians use newest equipment Сustomer saves time
37 Our technicians use robust tools Сustomer saves time
38 Our technicians use newest Software Сustomer saves time
39 Many consumables are always available at our stores. Сustomer saves time
40 You don’t need to choose among our technicians. They are all equal and best. Сustomer has less stress
41 Our technicians are always polite. Сustomer has less stress
42 Our technicians are always сlean and tidy. Сustomer has less stress
43 Our technicians explain the problem in easy way Сustomer has less stress
44 Our technicians leave work place clean. Сustomer has less stress
45 Our technicians don’t leave any waste on the object. Сustomer has less stress
46 Our technicians are always positive and friendly Сustomer has less stress
47 Our technicians know modern jokes. Сustomer has less stress
48 We have perfect communication and understanding among our departments. Сustomer has less stress
49 No information will be lost within our company. Сustomer has less stress
50 In our team, it is customary to record and create reminders, so we do not forget anything. Сustomer saves time
51 We don’t charge money on the deposit before job is done Сustomer saves money
52 We like customer Сustomer has less stress
53 We like pets Сustomer and customer’s pets have less stress
54 We will not let you down Сustomer has less stress
55 We clean the repair place Сustomer has less stress
56 We have a company fleet. Сustomer saves time
57 Our competitors rate us rather high this is proof of our best rate price-quality
58 We define the dates and realize them Сustomer saves time
59 We are able to find the solution for non-standard tasks Сustomer saves time
60 Everything is accurately measured and calculated. Сustomer saves money
61 We keep an eye on each other’s task and help with advice if need it Сustomer saves money
62 we develop requirements and quality standards for our technicians Best rate price-quality
63 We improve and adjust requirements and quality standards for our technicians Best rate price-quality
64 Our call center operators have very pleasant voices. Сustomer has less stress
65 Our call center operators always understand and support you. Сustomer has less stress
66 We never perform commissioning without testing Сustomer saves money
67 As an experts we give advices how to use appliances so the appliances will make customers happy for a long time. As well as on our YouTube channel and on our website Сustomer saves money and time
68 As an experts we give advices what kind of appliances to choose. As well as on our YouTube channel and on our website Сustomer saves money and time
69 Constantly expand our service serving area. We offer franchise. Service coming close to you home.
70 We open new business lines Customers can get new services
71 We can offer an exclusive solution by our customer‘s wish and additional options. Customer can feel himself unique and special.
72 We keep all your commercial secrets safe. It is safe with us.
73 Our call center operator listen to you without interruptions Сustomer has less stress
74 Almost every our customer tries our services he wants to work with us more and more Сustomer saves time, because they know whom to ask
75 We are customer oriented Best rate price-quality
76 We monitor the competitor’s prices to be more beneficial Сustomer saves money
77 We watch the competitor’s activities to be better Our service is getting better and better as the time goes.
78 We know our customer’s needs. Сustomer has less stress
79 We do not spam by SMS or e-mail It is safe with us.
80 We keep personal data of our customers save and secure. It is safe with us.
81 We avoid aggressive sales Сustomer has less stress
82 We do not spend much money for marketing and advertising to keep our prices low Сustomer saves money
83 We optimize our expenses to keep our prices low Сustomer saves money
84 We watch at latest technology achievements and implement them Our service is getting better and better as the time goes.
85 We have Facebook account. You can give a feedback and tell your friends about us. It is not boring with us.
86 We document all orders. We create knowledge base. Our service is getting better and better as the time goes.
87 We document all our mistakes. Our service is getting better and better as the time goes.
88 We are open for customers’ reasonable critics. Our service is getting better and better as the time goes.
89 We are open for customers’ advices. Our service is getting better and better as the time goes.
90 You can always take a picture with our technicians. It’s free. It is not boring with us.
91 Our boss is a cool guy and he has his own YouTube channel. It is not boring with us.
92 The best videos of our activity are on our YouTube It is not boring with us.
93 The best views of our activity are in our Instagram. It is not boring with us.
94 We do commercial HVAC and maintenance We make our customers’ business better
95 We do commercial appliance repair, industrial appliance repair business of our customer does not stop
96 We have HVAC& appliance repair school YouTube Channel. Some easy things you can do by yourself. Your wife think it is sexy
97 We support in receiving permits Customer won’t have any law troubles.
98 We know and accomplish all necessary laws. Customer won’t have any law troubles.
99 We know and accomplish all necessary legislations. Customer won’t have any law troubles.
100 We ask questions of the manufacturer to know their product better. Our service is getting better and better as the time goes.

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Yelp reviews for San Jose, CA

Sebastian S.
2021-10-04 09:52:09
Contacted them on Sunday as my HVAC died and they scheduled a visit on Monday, so absolutely great response time! The day the service, a technician called...
Anatoly K.
2021-09-25 12:18:46
We picked FUSE to installed our ductless AC in three rooms and they did a wonderful job. They were quick, professional, and easy to communicate with. Couple...
Dennis S.
2021-09-22 22:15:52
Fuse exceeded all expectations I could ever have! Starting from the beginning. I was looking for a company to really on to replace the old HVAC system in...
Elena L.
2021-08-31 08:51:05
Our AC was broken 1 week ago. We called for 3 different "5-star" companies and nobody fixed it. Then we've found FUSE on Yelp and finally the AC works....
Alexander T.
2021-08-28 13:11:54
Installed a purifier system and an electrical panel. They finished all the work in a single day, I enjoyed the service. Everything works great. Passed the...
Brandon F.
2021-08-20 07:28:45
Alex was nothing but spectacular. his hard work as well as going above and beyond to help fix my dyer and additional mishaps have left a very position...
Kishore K.
2021-08-11 21:02:00
I called FUSE Service when my refrigerator broke down over a weekend. They did not have any appointments for a couple of days. The person who picked my call...
Leonidas L.
2021-08-05 19:21:05
Promptly installed a top of the line AC, Furnace, Air Purifier and Thermostat in my town home after my old HVAC broke. On time and super professional,...
Bei C.
2021-08-02 13:58:54
Roman and Vlad installed our new furnace and AC. They were friendly, thorough, and very hard workers. The new unit seems to work great. The quote we...
Stephen Z.
2021-07-26 16:21:52
AC on our HVAC died over the weekend. 81f inside with a 5month old husky puppy is no fun, so I was desperately looking for someone who could service my...
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